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Agent 5 is a character in arctic thunder.

Agent 5.png

Real name : Andrew White

Species: Human (Male)

Nationality : Austrailian-American

Age : 36

Gender : Male

Occupation : Snowmobile Racer,Government Agent, Thrill Seeker, Extreme sports fanatic.

One of the starting characters. He participated after he saw a newsflash about "Snowmobiling Renegades" on tv (as seen on the intro). He drives a sled called "Gadget".

He is one of the heroes / good guys of the series.


"Let's go!" - When Selected

"Okay!" - When Selected

"I'm ready!" - When Selected

"Wise Choice." - When Selected

"Right On!" - When Selected

"You can`t Mess With Me!' - Kill Confirmed

"Take that!" - Kill Confirmed

"Later!" - Kill Confirmed

"Cheerio!" - Kill Confirmed

"See ya!"-Kill confirmed

"I'll be back." - Time Expires

"Oh, Blimey!" - Time Expires

"See ya... HAHAHA!!!!!!!" - Super Boost Activated