Candy Ice is a character in Arctic Thunder.
Candy Ice

Real name : Candice Ice

Nationality : Canadian-American

Age : 18

Gender : Female

Occupation : college Student, Mechanic,

One of the starting characters and the youngest rider in the arcade game. (Though, Randy Rancid is currently the youngest character in the console version.) There is not much info about this character, but some of her information can be seen on this page. She drives a sled called "Snow Kitten".


" *Giggles* " - When Selected

"Good choice!" - When Selected

"Let's go!" - When Selected

"I'm Ready!" - When Selected

"See ya! (laughs)" - Kill Confirmed

"Later!" - Kill Confirmed

"Don't mess with me!" - Kill Confirmed

"Coming Through!" - Kill Confirmed

"Take that!"-Kill Confirmed

"I'll be back!" - Time Expires

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