Dirty McCurdy is a snowmobile racer and a playable character in Arctic Thunder.
Dirty McCurdy

Real name : Brutus McCurdy

Sled name: Ice Hog

Species: Human

Nationality : American

Age : 45

Birthdate: March 2,1971

Birthplace:Seligman, Arizona

Gender : Male

Occupation : Snowmobile racer, Biker, Thug,Outlaw

Favorite color:Red

Favorite Food:Fried chicken

Favorite Music:Heavy metal

Favorite movie: The Wild Angels


Enemies: Willie Quinn

Brutus "Dirty" McCurdy is a playable character in both arcade versions and the home version of the game. In the home version, he is one of the characters available from the start of the game. Dirty McCurdy is a muscular, middle aged man with fair skin, a bushy dark brown mustache, and a bushy dark brown beard with grey accents. He wears sunglasses, a bright red skullcap, a light blue-grey shirt, a black biker`s vest brown pants, and black boots. Dirty McCurdy is an American Biker and a thug who was responsible for killing Willie Quinn`s mother. He escaped before Quinn could catch him and converted his motorcycle into a snowmobile,calling it " Ice Hog" and entered the Arctic Thunder snowmobile races to hide from Quinn, until he found out Quinn would be participating, too. McCurdy is mean,ruthless,merciless,wily and base.

Quotes Edit

"I'm gonna mess them up!" - When Selected

"They`re all going down!"-When selected

"Take That!" - When a Kill is Confirmed

"Comin' Thru'!" - When a Kill is Confirmed

"You're all going down!" - When a Kill is Confirmed

"Aw, nuts!" - When Time Expires

"Aw, Man!" - When Time Expires

"I got you next time!" - When Time Expires

Trivia Edit

Dirty McCurdy`s real name and alias reflect his evil nature.

He is an outlaw.

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