The Haunted Forest track is one of the six starting tracks in the game and the hardest track in the starting set. Hard difficulty. Located in Holland. Has only 2 secret areas. An abandoned, old, and ruined graveyard thay was destroyed 500 years ago. Ghost's, Bat's, and Spider's populate this spooky, giant cemetary now racetrack for our snowmobiling thrill seekers.


Running the Stone Shed : You will see a shed made out of stone 5 seconds after the race starts. Keep running the track until you see a small building on the right. There will be 2 atomic snowballs, an invisibility and a super attack.

Escaping St. Hermes Castle : Once you pass the giant monster in the machine room, you can either take a left or right. There will be 2 super attack powerups on both directions. The center will just have a power boost, health, rooster tail and a ramp with a stunt marker.

Buried Alive : After you escape St, Hermes castle, go left and you will see a hole. There will be a power boost, super attack, shield, proximity missile and a few ghost's poping out of the surface.

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