Jacque Rocket is a character in Arctic Thunder.

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Real Name : Joe Bleu

Nationality :French

Country of origin: France

Age : 32

Gender : Male

Occupation : Famous Formula 1 Race Car Driver

A standard unlocable character. Can be unlocked at the unlockables section at the upgrade shop when you collect 35000 points or higher. He recieved a mysterious invitation to illegal snomobile races one night. he reluctantly agreed to join the events only if he gains more fame in return. He drives a sled called "Euro Jet".


"Manoui" - When selected

"Good Choice Mortamiur" - When selected

"Trivoeir" - When selected

"This is best performance" - Kill confirmed

"No style at all." - Kill confirmed

"Viva France" - Kill confirmed

"Mondeau" - Time expires

"I am so ashamed" - Time expires

"Another try Mortamiur" - Time expires

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