Randy Rancid is a character in arctic thunder.

Real name : Randall Rancid

Nationality : Chinese/American

Age : 16

Gender : Male

Occupation : Punk Rock Musician, High School Student

A standard unlocable character. Can be unlocked at the unlockables section at the upgrade shop when you collect 35000 points or higher. Because he was a struggling rock musician, Randy participated only for personal glory. The sled he drives is called "Snot Rocket". He is the youngest character in the game, the second being Candy Ice.


"Good Choice, Dude!" - When Selected

"Let's Rock!" - When Selected

"Out of my way, loser." - Kill Confirmed

"Hah, My momma could do better." - Kill Confirmed

"Chumps!" - Kill Confirmed

"Wipeout!" - Time Expired

"Woah, we got dissed." - Time Expired

"Next time, dudes." - Time Expired

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