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Arctic Thunder is a snowmobile racing video game developed and published by Midway Games and released for arcades in 2000. The following year,the game was ported to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles, being a launch title for the latter.The graphics in the Xbox version match that of the arcade version, while the graphics on the PS2 version are significantly lower. The home version features more avatars,tracks,power-ups tricks,and options than the arcade version. Both ports were developed by Inland Productions. In 2004,Betson Enterprises released an upgrade of the original arcade version,titled Ultimate Arctic Thunder,which featured two avatars and two tracks which were previously exclusive to the home version. The arcade version of the game features a vibrating seat and fans that blow cold air in the player's face while he or she plays the game,opting for a more realistic experience. This is the third game in Midway's Thunder series of racing games, which also includes Hydro Thunder its sequels Hydro thunder Hurricane and Hydro Thunder GO, 4 Wheel Thunder, and Offroad Thunder. A sequel, Arctic Thunder Avalanche is currently being planned for a 2020 release, and will feature new avatars, new tracks, new power-ups and new tricks, some of which were previously featured in the home version. This will be followed by a third game, Arctic Thunder Blizzard, in 2021,which will feature yet even more content than the previous games and be the final installment in the series.The Xbox version of the game is not currently compatible on the Xbox 360 or Xbox one.


Starting Avatars[]

  • Dirty McCurdy: A Biker
  • Mai Zhou Lin: A martial arts master, gymnast, and olympic gold medalist
  • Agent 5: A government agent
  • Willie Quinn: A jamaican surfer and bobsledder
  • Ponzo: An extraterrestrial primate
  • Candy Ice: A hot young mechanic

Unlockable Avatars[]

  • Coco Z.: A scuba diver
  • Indigo: A spy
  • Smokey Jones: A police officer
  • Sargeant Thud: A drill instructor
  • Britaney Blaze: A british cheerleader
  • Jacque Rocket: A french formula 1 racer
  • Zach Toxic: A nuclear scientist and radiation worker
  • Randy Rancid: A punk rocker
  • Louie Rocco: A new york taxi driver
  • Fukizaka: A ninja
  • Ian McGee: A scotsman
  • Sven Thorson: A viking
  • Mr. Flakey: A living snowman (Bonus Character)


Starting Tracks[]

  • Lost Himalayan City (Easy)
  • Chernobyl Meltdown (Easy)
  • Blizzard in D.C (Medium)
  • Swiss Alps (Medium)
  • Haunted Forest (Hard)
  • Alaskan Pipeline(Hard)

Unlockable Tracks[]

  • Winter Sports Park (Hard)
  • Logging Run (Hard)
  • UFO Encounter (Hard)
  • Great Wall Of China (Hard)
  • Atlantis (Hard)
  • Thrill Chill Funpark (Hard)


Starting Sleds[]

  • Ice Hog (Dirty McCurdy)
  • Jade Dragon (Mai Zhou Lin)
  • Gadget(Agent 5)
  • Wailer(Willie Quinn)
  • Banana Splitter (Ponzo)
  • Snow Kitten (Candy Ice)

Unlockable Sleds[]

  • Mischeif (Coco Z)
  • Shadow (Indigo)
  • Cruiser (Smokey Jones)
  • Full Metal (Sargent Thud)
  • Old Glory (Britney Blaze)
  • Euro Jet (Jacque Rocket)
  • Reactor (Zach Warhead)
  • Snot Rocket (Randy Rancid)
  • Bessie (Louie Rocco)
  • Snow Sai (Shadow)
  • Bagpiper (Ian McGee)
  • Gallion (Sven Thorson)
  • Snow Truckster (Mr. Flakey)

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