Willie Quinn is a character in arctic thunder.
Willie Quinn

Real name : Willie Quinn

Nationality : Jamacian

Age : 21

Gender : Male

Occupation : Surfer, Thrill Seeker

One of the starting characters. He participated in pursuit of Dirty McCurdy. The person who killed Willie's mother. He drives a sled called "Wailer".


"Dig Dug, Mon!" - When Selected

"Bring on the show!" - When Selected

"Ya, Mon!." - When Selected

"Let's go!" - When Selected

"Wise Choice Mon!." - When Selected

"Coming through!" - Kill Confirmed

"Se ya, Mon, but i won't wanna be ya!" - Kill Confirmed

"Don't you mess with me, Mon!" - Kill Confirmed

"Out of my way, Mann!" - Kill Confirmed

"I'll be back, brother!" - Time Expired

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